Welcome to The Lemonade Stand where we're squeezing a little bit of happiness every day!

      Here at The Lemonade Stand we offer freshly squeezed, all- natural, gourmet lemonade and divine desserts for the food enthusiast. We specialize in a variety of unique flavors and decadent, tasty treats for all occasions. You can even have it our way or customized to meet your dietary needs. You decide! We can either deliver your selection (s) right to your door or you can arrange for pick up at our headquarters. Just send us an e-mail or give us a call for pricing! We are here to assist you in every way possible.

    All of our beverages and desserts are prepared on-site, just for you!  You’ll always have a great selection of fresh ingredients for our specialty lemonades and all of our tasty treats, which are made-to-order.  Here at The Lemonade Stand we strive to offer you memorable choices, unique flavors, and high standards for excellence!

      Need a gallon for this week's supper? No problem! How about that game on Saturday? No problem! Have to bring something to a potluck? No problem! And please don't forget about that upcoming  birthday party, fundraiser, shower, or wedding! We got you covered there too! So, whichever flavor quenches your thirst, or mouth-watering dessert tempts you at the waist, remember to "squeeze a little bit of happiness every day".

~Warmest Regards,

Tanisha Johnson

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